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You are most welcome to the Gestalt Gallery.
If you have visited this site before, I honor your patience.
Hopefully, you'll feel rewarded, as the first individual show at the Gallery is
present now!
Click on "Current Exhibition" in the menu and you are into Gestalt Art viewing.
Now there is also material in the sections "Collection", with graphic art by Edvard Derkert, and "Photo album", with photos from the AAGT Conference 1997. Click and enjoy.

As I intend to make this Gallery grow in the name of EXPERIMENTATION, I invite you to participate in the aim of visualizing the powerful and joyous life philosophy and psychotherapeutic form of art called Gestalt therapy.
You will find a description of the Gestalt Gallery contents in the section "Information". There you will also find suggestions of how to submit material to be exposed at the Gallery. And I'd love to get any thoughts you might have around the connection between Gestalt Therapy and Art.
For a more thorough description of my Gallery vision, click on VISION and see what happens!

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Lars Berg